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X-Factor Winner Reveals Worlds Secret Religion

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May 16th 2021  

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- 3 days ago  

Well, for someone who's gone through the initiations to miss the point of speculative Freemasonry and what it means to a new initiate is really bizarre ? Women can not be made a Mason because that's an order in your 3rd degree charge. A 33rd Degree is an honorary degree where you have to do something good towards mankind like inventing a heart lung machine or a humanitarian thing like build an Amusement Park. As for religion, Freemasonry respects all religions but we don't sponsor any one over the other. Most of all, any Brother who violates any laws by way of Conspiracy, are charged in their mother Lodge where he received his first three degrees; not even the Grand Master can intervene in on that. So, for any Brother to commit a crime his chances of not getting caught is very slim. Keep in mind, Judges and Lawyers are in your Fraternity, they know who you are.


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- 3 weeks ago  

Thank you! I was delivered out of the new age occult/mysticism and had a renewal of my mind through The Word of The LORD God. I was believing in 'ascended masters'.... anti-Christ will be presented as the master of the ascended masters. Thanks again, much LOVE and stay in the shadow of The AlMighty, Amen & Amen & HalleluYAH! Do you have a fb page. Mine is Barbara Joan Briggs with an Agape Fire Heart and Dove. <3


- 3 weeks ago  

What about Trump Biden and Trudeau. Are they all part of the religion ?


- a month ago  

I don't even watch a 2 hour podcast but once I started watching this I had to keep watching. I never knew what all the symbolism meant and I have to admit that It's eyeopening to see those who are part of it. Very discouraging. I will be paying closer attention to what I watch and listen too.


- a month ago  

Thank You. Worth every minute. I am an ex atheist.

Zero Bubble

- a month ago  

A deceiver only becomes a deceiver when, of his own free will, he first believes a deception. What does it profit a man to (even only seemingly) gain the (whole) world and yet lose his soul? They may think they have won, they may believe they have gained the world, but they lost it all 2000 years ago when, early one morning, a great stone was rolled away and the Ever Living manifest in a man walked out to eternal glory... and with Him is where I will be.


- a month ago  

just seeing all of the symbolism lol, on such a stupid scale


- a month ago  

Are you nuts? Who the hell is going to watch a 5 hour broadcast? If you have something to say, spit it out and keep it short. I'm outa here!


- a month ago  

I watched 5 hours of this but have never watched 1 minute of x-factor


- a month ago  

I have never watched a 5 hour podcast. I watched this and found it compelling.


- a month ago  

you can fast forward it.