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Scamdemic Over

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These are the same Biden supporters were too scared to show and vote on Tuesday






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November 9th 2020  

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- 2 weeks ago  

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Peter Clark

- half a year ago  

The 'correct thinking' need mobs to feel confident. If they do steal this election expect a serious backlash.


- half a year ago  

Why do we have to convince our elected officials that this pandemic bullshit has run its course? We should have after the first two weeks. Now, it is clear we no longer have that option without a massive fight. CA, CO, NM and many other states are under siege.


- half a year ago  

Do you think the dimrats would be teensie bit triggered if Trump ends up winning the second term after all?


- half a year ago  

Well we knew that it would be over as it was a scam in the first place. I must say the corruption of the leftists is mind boggling, just who would vote for a senile, corrupt, pedophile never had a job, do nothing joe bidden in the first place? Or his running mate? It’s his fourth time running for that office. This year, Biden lost three primaries in a row, coming in fourth in the Iowa caucus, fifth in New Hampshire a distant second in Nevada. At the end of February, he had accumulated a paltry 14 delegates — compared to 45 for Bernie Sanders and 26 for Pete Buttigieg. Combine the empty suit from Delaware with Kamala Harris, who was polling at about two percent among Democrats before she dropped out of the primaries. Harris added nothing to the ticket — except Biden’s ridiculously narrow, self-imposed requirement that his vice president be a woman of color. "from Ann Coulter" Ann has it right. These are no nothing people, why are they even on the ticket much less they got 70= million votes. I do not believe that people hate President Trump so much they would throw the country under the bus. I could be wrong but something smells fishy in Denmark.