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Mr. Kenney. Can you hear me now?

  - 1:38

Why are Edmonton Zone Medical Officers denying access to Designated Visitors in direct contradiction to the PHA? Why are they locking down Care homes with a single asymptomatic untraceable staff PCR test and refusing access to the residents by primary care physicians? Why have you ignored all the evidence you were provided? Why are you stopping Janice Harrington from taking Action in this area? Why are Zone Medical Officers allowed to break the PHA without consequence but you had people dragged from the legislator for doing nothing? Why is AHS lying to Doctors about HCQ availability and stopping them prescribing it. This drug was donated in the millions for treating COVID in March and April. Why did you single out this comment I posted that is political but ignored all the others that are about COVID, the actual research, what is happening in Care Homes, Suppression of Doctors and more? Did I hit a nerve here? Now I have your attention. Can you now respond to the research here and all the research linked that has been sent to you and Dr. Hinshaw along with much more evidence on the abuse of Seniors in Care homes and your illegal lockdown of Alberta. Why is the HOPE trial in Alberta still Cancelled? Why was it really cancelled? Why are we testing and Isolating Seniors when the Governments own experts say you CANNOT use a PCR test to infer and infection? Why are AHS stopping Doctors and Nurses talking about what is really happening? So many question and no answers for the people who elected you?






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October 13th 2020  

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Anthony - NewTube Founder

- half a year ago  

Great video!