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Kenney Responds

  - 3:07

Alberta Health Services "A WORKING DINNER" THEY SAY. Not Socially Distanced! More than 1 household & more than 4 people! Not Wearing Masks! Remained Seated and Stationary! Went in and outdoors! Order 30-2021 IS VERY CLEAR. So is Attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice! Kaycee Madu (official office statement) "The Premier, with a few ministers and staff members, held a working dinner last night. This was allowed under the Stage 1 guidelines:..." ...Attendance was kept under 10. Costs were not incurred by taxpayers." Not allowed under the guidelines as is clear from the images and the Order. If you don't know that, you have NO BUSINESS BEING THE JUSTICE MINISTER. Deena Hinshaw "I have seen the photo's" "All of us sometimes make mistakes" That is NOT AN EXCUSE and Kenney says he didn't break any rules. You KNOW THAT IS NOT TRUE! Covering up an offence is very clear. Conspiring with other people is a CONSPIRACY and clear contempt of the courts - after going after Albertans with aggressive court orders to have people arrested.






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June 7th 2021  

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- a week ago  

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- a week ago  

I voted for the Conservatives and will NEVER vote for the Socialist party-NDP. I must say however, that he has really disappointed me and many others. This charade of Lockdowns and the non use/prescription of IVERMECTIN and other very effective and affordable drugs tells us that there is way more going on than we are being told. This is about control and power...Sad. P.S. Doctors should also be held accountable for this.


- a week ago  

Why do you have to apologize for a hoax ? Didn't you realize you never got sick ? Do you see the guidelines are more political then medical ? Give me the stats and I mean the real stats who's died from Covid19; I'm tired of hearing bullshit !


- a week ago  

Let's be honest, you got caught when you thought nobody would be looking.


- a week ago  

There is no law thus no justice. there is only force. Proceed accordingly.


- a week ago  

Where are the Cops that should be beating the crap out of this group? So many vids of people being beat, dragged, abused in Canada and this low life gets to PARTY! What a load of bull!


- a week ago  

Its one rule for me another for thee. Stop with your lies, start representing the people who elected you not the elites.