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Tony HellerPLUS



Second Vaccination

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Uploaded 2 weeks ago  

September 12th 2021  

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- a week ago  

How despicable the people organising and pushing this covid agenda. Next will be the climate fascist takeover. Using propaganda and fear via financial control of the media, these faceless, evil 'people', hidden in plain sight, care not for any human suffering or death they cause. The lock downs and masks were just the start to see how compliant people were. They carefully choreograph their actions. Like timing the 'vaccine' release just prior to coincide with a natural, seasonal drop in respiratory illnesses seen every year since for ever and claiming credit, then as the horrendous effects of the self transmitting toxic cocktail begins to be visible, blame the non jabbed when 'cases' begin to rise exponentially and use that as an excuse for more lock downs, 'freedom' passports and even more restrictions of movement, association and speech. Next, after the depopulation plan is in full swing, and as the earth cools naturally over the next few decades, they will claim credit for 'saving the planet' from the demon gas CO2. If we allow them to get away with this, any future scenario looks very bleak indeed. It will be the 'have everythings' versus the 'have nothing at all' and guess who'll be in charge? That's right, the banksters and corporate career criminals orchestrating all this in their lust for money and power. Consider anyone who can't or won't wake up, a lost cause and a potentially deadly enemy if they've taken the toxic jab. The vaxxed are walking bio-weapons, carriers and super spreaders shedding death wherever they go .... which is everywhere. Avoid them like the plague ... they are the plague. Fight this tyranny wherever it appears .... which is basically everywhere, and don't believe a word from mainstream media, politicians or corporate captured scientists. See through this anti-human plan to kill billions and enslave the rest. This poor girl, propagandised and programmed from birth deserves our compassion if not our sympathy. Without compassion, we are no better than these narcissistic psychopaths who assume the right to terminate and control all humanity.


- a week ago  

Oh , but we're conspiracy nuts as the media pushes the russian roulette. Georgia guidestones....


- 2 weeks ago  

Hi Tony, perhaps you should have used the theme from Apocalypse Now as your over music in this vid. You know, ''this is the end, my only friend, the end............


- 2 weeks ago  

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- 2 weeks ago  

China's "vaccine" doesn't do anything as it isn't meant as it is a placebo. The Chinese military is watching us destroy our population and will enjoy inheriting our vacant farm land.


- a week ago  

From what I've heard, there's reason behind that. Genocide is genome specific. The majority of the Chinese are already conditioned to obey their government. It's the rest of the "unruly" people they're targeting to kill.


- 2 weeks ago  

So sad ;(

Eternal Light

- 2 weeks ago  

I'm so sad that you are suffering. You placed your trust in the lies the criminals have informed you on, now you are paying a price and your only hope is placing your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and Him crucified, for the shedding of His Holy Blood for the forgiveness of sins. These people you trusted are criminals, and their god is Satan.............God's Wrath is coming....


- 2 weeks ago  

I hope the future has some light for you

Believe it

- 2 weeks ago  

tHaT mEaNs iTs wOrKiNg


- 2 weeks ago  

It's right there at the beginning: "I'm not against vaccines." Why not ? Did Jesus get his vaccines when he was born ? Did he go around inoculating people to cure their sicknesses ? How about the Amish people, are you thinking they're super spreaders or something ? Throw the damn TV out !

Major Rugburn

- 2 weeks ago  

criminals in charge and you can't vote them out. if the military is not with the people all hope is lost.


- 2 weeks ago  

Sad. Too late for any sympathy or understanding I could give her. She'll be dead soon enough. Maybe someone else will get the message. I am not very hopeful.


- 2 weeks ago  

Downright scary………………………


- 2 weeks ago  

Yeah, they are jabbing pregnant women in my country and next it will be babys, (AU) while every dickhead, politician and actor pushes this shit like it is a new, lollypop. MSM will say something in the next two years, and then we will see the biggest shitstorm in human history. And on a good side, everything will open, and on the bad, people will be lining up to bash the crap out of their doctors and politicans.


- 2 weeks ago  

What research? This is a human experiment. This is not a vaccine. There was no animal trials because the animals died. This so called virus is man made from a bio-weapons lab in china, funded by Antony Fauci. You get the shot, you submit to the experiment (meant to kill you) it is on you and you alone. Do not come crying to the rest of us.


- 2 weeks ago  

Does losing our humanity and sympathy for others' suffering also have to be a casualty in this?


- 2 weeks ago  

First a link to another website, where people who took the experimental, gene-modifying injection, share their stories: I watched a couple of videos by Jay Dyer, where he talks about the worldview of the globalists. In short, they all believe in the apotheosis through technology; they believe in the Darwinian worldview, where only the fittest will take part in this apotheosis; they believe that the whole of humankind is literally like one human body, and that those who are deemed unfit and unworthy, keep the others from ascending to becoming God. From that thinking the concept of the "Volkskörper" (literal translation is "people's body") is derived, which needs to be cleansed from the parasites. Whatever the purpose of the experimental, gene-modifying substances are, the globalists are in any case up to no good.


- 2 weeks ago  

Send it to bojo the clown.


- 2 weeks ago  

And nobody will take any responsibility for this appalling.