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25% Increase In Death Among Fully Vaccinated West Virginians

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Originally uploaded to by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Broken Gear πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #VotePPC West Virginia is in trouble.






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September 12th 2021  

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- 5 days ago  

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- 5 days ago  

The media call that misinformation. Facebook defines that as disinformation. You can be banned for even posting it. And there's the bigger problem - the control of information.

Eternal Light

- a week ago  

The blood of those Killed and those seriously injured and sick, are on YOUR head governor, and God's Wrath is coming..........


- a day ago  

You're a stupid BOT!


- a week ago  

Why does everyone call it a Covid Vaccine ? Sounds like it has nothing to do with Covid ? Did ya ever find out what was in the vaccine ? I betcha it has nothing to do with any Viruses.


- a week ago  

I think I start to understand the Bill Gates logic of "we have to vaccinate every human being on the planet." When we're all dead, we all can't get covid anymore. Makes sense, in a dark, twisted, and satanic way.

Pandoras Box

- a week ago  

The more that get vaccinated the more that will die or get sick or disabled for life. Not shocked at all by those numbers. It will get worse. The long term side effects are still unknown. The so called vaccines mess with your immune system and make it weaker, so expect many, many more to die. Add boosters to that and things will get bad faster.


- a week ago  

It's almost like the "vaccines" aren't really vaccines at all. Hmmm. πŸ€”


- a week ago  

Does 25% represent another 1 person, 10? 100? 1000? It matters.


- a week ago  

I agree, sort of. Personally, I want to be informed with accurate data when making personal decisions about my health and my family's health. On the other hand, the Covidians have use bogus statistics right from the start, thus I have no problem throwing misleading stats at them and making them waste time trying to refute them.


- a week ago  

If we all do our part we can vaccinate our way out of this. Apparently.


- a week ago  

I guess that the fully vacced, smartarse days are over, and us, tin foil hat, nutters where right?

Wes Hamel

- a week ago  

The question is: Did the Biden administration hear this?


- a week ago  

I think they only believe their scientists, only the truth, not the facts that matter. Sad to say but, I can't wait till this catches up with the rest of the states that have verifiable facts to change this madness. Only Holyness Foucheee can break us free... I'm glad to see that Iver and HCQ are picking up a bit of traction, finally...