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VACCINES COVID 19 Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi Warns mRNA to Decimate World Population

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July 10th 2021  

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- a week ago  

Quack quack


- 2 weeks ago  

The following people are Jewish: Alex Gorsky- CEO J&J ; Lief Johansson- Chairman of AstraZeneca ; Stéphane Bancel- chief executive officer and 9% owner of Moderna ; Tal Zaks- Chief medical officer in charge of research and development at Moderna ; Albert Bourla- CEO Pfizer ; Mikael Dolsten, Head Scientist, Pfizer. With this knowledge, consider the Jew, Jacques Attali, who said in 1981: "We will Euthanize the Old, the Weak the Useless and the Stupid": And view the videos, 'DIRE WARNING FROM DR.CHARLES HOFFE ABOUT COVID-19 JAB SPIKE PROTEIN AND ITS EFFECTS ON THE BODY', AND, 'GRAPHENE OXIDE POISONING OF LIFE ON EARTH IS THE RESET',


- 2 weeks ago  

The big vax cartel has bought outright our corrupt Politicians and Government medicos. The vaccines of course are three times more likely to kill you than the statistical and risk analysis nothingness called Covid. The huge city urban conglomerate called Sydney Australia (pop 6,000,000) has just been transformed into an indefinite ghost town inhabited by battery hens (lockdown) because a 90 year old woman died of fright after being told she had tested positive to covid. Yep, that's the level of corruption we've reached and we are in big trouble if they also decide to fix the elections.


- 2 weeks ago  

..youARE SOoooRight, SailerBill!!-- 24/7FEAR-MONGERING IS TheGreatest'ART' (Known fromAncientTimes!) ofFOOLING The[BlindTo'Reality'Itself/ToCriticalThinking]MASSES INTO UnquestionedOBEDIENCE, byHugeLIES.. AdTo Your 9/11 &JFK list ((byTheWay, YouTubeThem: OliverStone's-"JFK" DocMovie, +His&PeterKuznick-"TheUntoldHistory[1900-toObama]OfTheUnitedStates['Empire!]"/1+hX10seriesDocMovie)) Also: The'HIV=AIDS' FAKE [[&w/Same: KerryMullis' PCR-LabMethod!0=AFaucci'sFraudulent'Test?!?']] PLanDem[on!]ic, 1980s-UpNOW!/stillON, andSee aboutTheRealTRUTH: 0.bookPeterDoesberg-"INVENTING[i.e.NonExistent!] TheAIDS-Virus" ((Which'WillDistroy/Eat'ForEver Your 'InMun!' [[LAT=EN'In!Eating'-ofViruses&Bacteria, asSucharitBhakdi SoooClearlyExplainsHERE!]] System?!?)),1996/700pgs, andDocMovies: 1.RobinScrovill's [&hisWife/"AIDS"PanicVictime,asTheHostOf!]-"TheOtheSide ofAID$-DecideForYourself", 2004US: [[w: DrPeterHDuesberg/theDiscoverer of veryHarmless RetroVirusesFamily, theSoCalled'HIV' being1of.., & DrKaryMullis/NobelPrz for'PCR'Lab[NoNoTest!!,but]Method inMicroBiology, &manyMany'Survivors' for35+Years of"HIV=AIDS"FakePANIC Launched1978 byAGallo&AFaucci!!..?!?!?]], and 2.JoanShanton[orignly@BBC!]'s- "PositivelyFALSE: theBirthOf HIV=AIDS Heresy",2011UK: [[w/AGallo &manyOthers Sharlatan'Scientists'/PeofiteersFrom!!..?!?!?]] AndNOTE: SucharitBhakdiHERE ExplaineToYou: HOW 'CovidVax' CREATS WithInYOU TheDEADLIEST 'AIDS' (Acquired-Inmunity-Deficiency-Syndrom) ProcessEVER, withNoMed'OffButton' toSlowX StopIt!!..! AnAND: Ad toTheList ofMedSharlatanies: TheOldest200+y&Widest STILL[Unquestioned,byVeryMany!]VeryBELIEVED FRAUDULENT FullBRANCH-Of'ModernMEDICINE':'sMovie-"PSYCHIATRY: anINDUSTRY-ofDEATH", 2004/2014US:, See/BuyAlso6MoreMovies fromCCHR, Especially-"DSM: Psychiatry'sDeadliestScam".. andNOTE: I'mNOT a'Scientology'BelieverAtAll, But: Truh IsTRUTH, fromWhatever 'Sinfull'Mouth itComesOut!..!!]] andRead: 1.ThomasS.SzaszUS-"TheMyth ofMentalIllnes",1961-2004 [[NOTE: That DOESN'tMeansThat ThereISN't HugeHUGE/Meta!Physical: 'Psyche'GR=litEN'SOUL' Troubles/SUFFERINGS, SinceEver inHumanLives& inAllTradSoc AroundGlobe, Read TheOldest!?AccountSaved-toUs: BookOf'JOB'[HBR=EN'Persecuted'!]/inYourBible]], his-"TheManufactureOf Madness: aComparativeStudyOf Inqusition [its'MaleusMaleficum'Handbook forWitchHunt<-> 'DSM'MentalHealthManual!] &theModernMentalHealthMovmt", 1965-2004, andManyOtherHisBooks.. 2.RDLaingUK-"TheDividedSelf", 1960+, his-"PoliticsOfExperience" etc, to His&he?Interview-"Mad ToBeNormal",198x 0.GregoryBatesonUS-hisCrucial'DoubleBind'Concept/PerverseFamilyAttitude [Note: soWellPlayed byRDLaing forFridjofCapra, inFrCapra-"UncommonWisdom",197x]..onChildBecoming/BeingMADE!'SchizoPhrenic'Soul, inGregB's-"StepsTo anEcologyOfMind",1972.. WakeUP, GoodPeople, from BlindFaith-in Drs/MedicalDogmas/[oftenFake!]'MedScience' CashingHigh onYou [[NOTE: HypoCrates' Oath OriginallyWAS (likeThePractice inAllTraditions'Medicine, in oldEU's/INdian&allAsian's/AFRica's/AmerNatives'/Etc) : 1.Don'tHarm, 2.No$€-onHealing: "It'sFromGod(s), throughMyHand!" Attitude]], allWaysTHINK [itDoesn'tHurtsYou!], Judge&Check'LIVE' anyDr'sAdvice, Toward: Yours Ex-OwnEXPERIENCE inYourBody onEarth ((likeNow, w'Epidemics': HerdInMunity--&Never'TheVaccine'!--WasALWAYS THE-SollutionForTheVeryMost.. &theMedHelpingFor theVeryFewWeakestOnes)), Check& AwakenLEARN: Through YourNewHealthExperiences.. THAT MyWay for50+y on3-4Continents!.. DanB,Th15jul21'h12²⁰RO: +40748419469


- 3 weeks ago  

24/7 fear mongering is an ART witch now has become the norm . A great example was 911 , 1/2 of America still believes an Arab in a cave did it . JFK . The Worlds MSM is now owned , controled by a small cabal 3 or 6 companies - The Agenda is known by many BUT the vast percentage is im afraid dumbed down to such an extent the Cabal can manipulate public thinking reasonably easy .


- 2 weeks ago  

Funny how absolutely stupid we are. Work mates laughing this morning as they have to tell the government using QR when they want to take a leak. They laugh like cretins at their own imprisonment. It must be a satanic controller wet dream.


- 3 weeks ago  

There are no viruses as they tell us. No virus has ever been isolated and purified - virology is just a theory. Viruses were created by a 'scientist' who worked for the Rockefellers who later created allopathic medicine. Viruses are misdiagnosed genetic material.

Jeff Said

- 3 weeks ago  

So how would you answer those that say "look at the milions infected and so many in ICU"? Personally, I don't trust what is going on.


- 3 weeks ago  

The media and governments have done a fabulous job scaring people for over a year and a half. Reporting about covid every day 3 times a day has terrified the sheep of the world. I still see people wearing masks outside on a beautiful sunny day. People who have been vaccinated twice are still wearing masks. The sheep would rather get their information from a CNN or CBC news anchor than from a certified virologist or expert in the field...So sad.