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Melissa Lev



Chinada Government Sends Creepy Letters to Unvaxxed Canadians

  - 2:34

Chinada Government Sends Creepy Letters to Unvaxxed Canadians Original video source here: Please visit my other channels:






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Uploaded 2 months ago  

July 29th 2021  

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Category: Health And Wellness



- 2 months ago  

Wow! That is really creepy! They are violating people's privacy and sense of security. I believe that the people shoukd never forget what this government has done to them in the name of propagandized medicine. They won't be able to walk any of this back after the Pandemic is "over." May all of us acrosss the world remember these breeches and violations of our fundamental rights as human beings! The world has changed as people in positions of trust and authority have decided to violate their legal and moral obligations to the citizens and to the law! It's an utter disgrace. Everyone must remember these times! We must never forget or be lulled into a false complacency again. NEVER TRUST POLITICIANS or those who answer to politicians again. Remember this day and all of those that follow. We won't let our rights be taken from us! There is never a sufficient excuse to take freedom of choice from human beings! Let justice be done and freedom reign supreme once again across this great North American continent and the whole world!


- 2 months ago  

This is illegal. Sue them


- 2 months ago  

How do you think they can steal your life, property, and livelihood if you don't consent to an RNA injection. You know it'll kill you and at the least, it'll shorten your life ? You know it'll destroy your whole family too. Don't be afraid, be strong, real strong if you know what I mean.


- 2 months ago  

Did you fill out the census? I kick them off the property because there is a no mask rule on mine. If you wear a mask then you must go.

Melissa Lev

- 2 months ago  

Great rule!